Bhutan submits the NDP Report to the UN

December 13, 2013

As a contribution to the growing global conversation on a transformative post-2015 development agenda, Bhutan has submitted its report titled “Happiness: Towards a New Development Paradigm” to the United Nations. The report is inspired by Bhutan’s development approach based on the philosophy of Gross National Happiness (GNH) and proposes a New Development Paradigm (NDP) with societal happiness as its guiding vision. Such a holistic view of development has the potential to transform humanity’s relationship with nature, restructure our economies, change our attitudes to food and wealth, and promote caring, altruism, inclusiveness and cooperation.

The report marks a milestone in Bhutan’s involvement in the worldwide endeavour to define a new global development agenda. Through the report, Bhutan wishes to contribute to the search for a genuinely different paradigm – a process that will require exploration of unorthodox approaches that challenge the fundamentals of the current paradigm in search of a better way to live and flourish on our planet. This new paradigm is envisioned to emerge and evolve through a dynamic process of global conversation, participation and constant feedback.
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