Coming in March: Imagine Change! – A Series of Local Forums

February 3, 2014

As a part of our mandate to engage local communities and stakeholders in Bhutan, the Secretariat for the New Development Paradigm will be organizing a series of four one-day forums in Thimphu in March 2014. The aim of these local forums is to share the main insights of the New Development Paradigm Report and to receive feedback as well as exchange ideas with a diverse group of participants.

Why should you participate?

Participants will engage in interactive discussions designed to stimulate a better understanding of what holistic development – or Gross National Happiness – means in practice and in their own work. The main messages of the NDP report will be conveyed and expressed through individual and group work activities in the daylong forum. During the morning session we will introduce the work of the Secretariat and the New Development Paradigm, while the afternoon will focus on a specific theme with an invited guest speaker.

The Culture and Globalization theme for the Imagine Change! forum is especially targeted towards youth. The other forums are open for everyone, including government officials, representatives from civil society, media or academia. Please find more information on each of these events below. Please note that we may move the themes around the given dates.

14 March: Democracy and Active Citizenship

15 March: Culture and Globalization (for youth)

20 March: Sustainable Consumption

21 March: Economy

Please register to participate. SNDP warmly welcomes all interested individuals and organizations to join the “Imagine Change!” local forums.

For more information, e-mail us at

Venue: Hotel Phuntsho Pelri, Thimphu

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