“Imagine Change!” local forums catalyse GNH-thinking in Thimphu

March 27, 2014

Imagine Change! Forum

Four Imagine Change! local forums were organised by the Secretariat for the New Development Paradigm in Thimphu in March 2014. The objective of the local forums was to explore the relevance of “new paradigm thinking” in the Bhutanese context, to clarify our understanding of this GNH-inspired approach to development, and through authentic dialogue to spark solutions and actions leading to change both on personal and collective levels.

More than 170 individuals from government agencies, civil society, media, academia and international organisations joined the different Imagine Change! forums. The first forum, focusing on Democracy and Active Citizenship gathered most participants, nearly 70 people throughout the day. Sustainable Consumption was the second most popular forum with 50 participants.

The Imagine Change! local forums featured guest speakers as well as individual and group activities. However, the main focus was on dialogue: exchanging thoughts and experiences both on the New Development Paradigm and on the thematic topic of each day. Imagine Change! forums demonstrated that there is a real need to explore GNH and new development paradigm thinking more in depth, and to engage diverse groups of people in these conversations. SNDP will prepare a forum outcome report collecting the main content and ideas from each forum, with suggestions for different organizations to take up these thoughts further in their own work.

The forums were extensively covered in the media as well:

Please check the Forum Details and the Imagine Change! Presentation for more information about the forums.

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