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“The most effective case that the Kingdom of Bhutan can make for a new development paradigm…is to demonstrate the implementation of the new paradigm at home and make a case for its viability, effectiveness, and wider adoption based on actual domestic experience and practice”. ~ IEWG member, January-February 2013 Meeting, Thimphu

In keeping with its mandate, the Secretariat engages with the wider Bhutanese community and will share practical IEWG recommendations, and hence act as a catalyst for GNH-based local action, linking the NDP initiative to implementation of GNH at home.


Four Imagine Change! local forums were organised by the Secretariat for the New Development Paradigm in Thimphu in March 2014. The objective of the local forums was to explore the relevance of “new paradigm thinking” in the Bhutanese context, to clarify our understanding of this GNH-inspired approach to development, and through authentic dialogue to spark solutions and actions leading to change both on personal and collective levels.


The main focus at the Imagine Change! local forums was on dialogue: exchanging thoughts and experiences both on a new paradigm inspired by GNH  and on the thematic topic of each day. During the morning session the focus was on the work of the Secretariat and the New Development Paradigm, together with individual and group activities on values, solutions and necessary transformations. The afternoon sessions tackled specific themes introduced by invited guest speakers and linked to the different pillars of GNH:

Please check the our news update, forum details and the Imagine Change! Presentations for more information about the forums.

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