The International Expert Working Group

IEWG Members

The International Expert Working Group (IEWG) is comprised of over 60 eminent international contributors with a wide range of expertise. Its purpose is to help the RGoB draft the proposed new development paradigm (NDP) promoting wellbeing and happiness as a global goal through effective and pragmatic international public policies and practices.

The first meeting of the IEWG was convened by the RGoB in January 27 to February 2, 2013 in Thimphu, bringing together IEWG members for the first time to collaborate and organize their research for the coming two years.

The focus of the IEWG’s work was to articulate the goals of the new model, namely wellbeing and happiness, and to design its conceptual framework. With these substantial contribution of the IEWG, the Steering Committee produced the NDP Report for submission to the UN.

Beyond the NDP Report, it would be necessary to elaborate the structures and processes needed to implement the NDP in policy and action, linking its recommendations to empirically demonstrated correlates of and conditions for happiness and wellbeing. This collaborative endeavor should draw from emergent solutions to the various crises that all nations and all people face, and the research and discourse of progressive thinkers worldwide to create a unifying and practical framework for enlightened policy, governance and individual action.

“The old model is broken. We need to create a new one…Clearly, we must unite around a shared vision for the future – a vision for equitable human development, a healthy planet, an enduring economic dynamism.”
Ban Ki-Moon, Secretary-General of the UN, May 17, 2012


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